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How To Optimize Your Paper Prints?

Even if using tailor-made and scalable equipment rental solutions such as what we offer them is already an excellent way to optimize your paper printing, it is possible to deepen this CSR approach by making your employees aware of more responsible practices. Not limited to double-sided printing and using draft mode for internal documents.

We give you valuable advice here to limit the impact of your printing on the environment and save money on electricity, paper, and toner!

Reduce Printer Energy Consumption.

Simple gestures can reduce the energy footprint of your printing fleet, such as unplugging printers at the end of the day. They continue to consume even turned off via the on/off button. The benefits will be felt on your electricity bill and the life of your equipment.

In case you haven’t yet switched to cold printing, grouping copy and print tasks together streamlines warm-up, which is known to be energy-intensive.

Switch to Cold Printing.

When talking about print optimization, we cannot ignore cold printing technologies. Independently of a measurable performance gain in terms of speed and quality on paper, cold printing provides a more eco-responsible response than conventional printing solutions because they consume less energy in use and manufacturing.

In addition, this system does not generate ozone emissions and works with fully recyclable cartridges.

Eco-Friendly Policies

Have you heard of Survir Mirchandani, this young American who, using specific software, found that using the Garamond font would reduce his college’s ink consumption by 24% compared to the font usually used, a gain of $21,000 a year? The world is moving towards the paperless office. Following the publication of his research in the scientific journal “Journal for Emerging Investigators,” his theory was simulated at the level of the federal state of Pennsylvania, and the savings were then estimated at 540 million dollars already in 2014! It is clear that choosing the right typography has an impact on your toner consumption.

To combine economy and read comfort, our partner Konica Minolta recommends the use of Arial in 10pt, Calibri in 11pt, Times New Roman in 11pt size, Century Gothic in 10pt, or Cambria in 11pt. Also, when printing a web page (and yes, the practice is still common), remember to remove superfluous data such as photos, page interface elements, or advertisements.

Focus On Print Management Software.

To go even further in an eco-responsible approach and help you control costs, you can opt for a PaperCut MF-type solution. This application integrates with your printing fleet regardless of the number of units that make it up. The jobs are intercepted by the print server to be processed according to the print policies that will have been configured.

In addition to reducing paper, toner, and electricity waste, the solution has a whole set of features, including those to preserve the security and confidentiality of printed documents! Its interface even offers a CO² and carbon emissions report. To find out more, contact the dedicated 3S2I team!

Finally, printing and copying should only be done when necessary. Also, think about the digital archiving of documents and paperless scan systems.

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