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Professional Data Backup and Disaster Recovery in Birmingham, AL

Losing your company’s data can be devastating to your operations and could lead to lost revenue and clients. Thankfully, at TKS we are here to help. We offer a number of solutions for data backup and disaster recovery in Birmingham, AL, to help ensure that your company’s data is safe and secure. With our services, we can quickly and easily recover your files, and documents following a server crash or other computer malfunction. This can help reduce downtime following a crash and give you peace of mind that your company’s valuable data is recoverable. To learn more about our data backup services or to discuss a data recovery plan, reach out to our office.

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Getting Back Online Following A Crash

Imagine your company’s main server crashes; how long would it take for you to get your systems back up and running? Under normal circumstances, this could easily take over a week, and you could still lose valuable data from the crash, especially if you have not regularly backed up your systems.
With our services, we help reduce this downtime while ensuring that your data is up-to-date and fully restored. We perform data backups every hour during your company’s regular business hours and provide complete monitoring of the backup process. We keep a daily log of your backups, and if any problems arise, we will immediately assign a technician to deal with the problem.

Why Choose an External Data Backup Solution?

While many businesses may have a backup strategy, 9 out of 10 times, the backup is not handled correctly. For example, your employees may not notice a problem with your backup systems and not notice that the backed-up data is unusable before it is too late. Another issue is if data is stored in the same location as your server and there is a disaster such as a fire, the data will still be lost. Additionally, many internal data strategies do not account for retention time, typically only storing a few days’ worth of files. This means if your server crashes and you lose files from a week ago or longer, they will not be recoverable with your backups.
To avoid these issues and many others, it is important to trust your data backup to professionals. Our team uses the latest software and techniques to ensure quality backups of your data. Let us put our industry experience to work for your company and give yourself peace of mind that your company’s data is safe and secure.