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Comprehensive Document Management Solutions in Birmingham, AL

Improve your company’s productivity and file management by turning to the team at TURN-KEY SOLUTIONS, INC. (TKS) We offer a number of document management solutions in Birmingham, AL, including our unique system, InfinityFile. We can help convert your company to a paperless system that will provide enhanced document control and help streamline your workflow. With this system, you can eliminate physical filing cabinets and have near-instant access to any documents or files when you need them. To learn more about the document services we have to offer, reach out to our office.

Infinityfile System

The InfinityFile System

Our InfinityFile System was first developed by John Thomas, who has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry. The system is designed for longevity and security, as well as keeping its SQL databases small and efficient. Even after entering millions of pages into the system, many of our customers comment that the performance is as good as when it was initially installed. Plus, the databases are set up to automatically export data, allowing for simple and efficient backups.

Scanning Solutions

When converting to a paperless system, it is important to accurately convert your existing documents into digital formats. And at TKS, we are here to help. We offer a number of scanning solutions to assist with the process. Some of these services include:

Document Scanning

We will help convert your paper documents into digital formats. This helps to free up office space and gives you quicker access to your critical files while also allowing for easier backups.

Large Format and Bounds Material Scanning

Scanning large documents such as blueprints can be challenging without the proper equipment. At TKS, we offer solutions to handle your large format scanning to convert your architectural drawings, maps, and other records into tiffs or pdfs. We can also scan bound documents with our wide format scanner.