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IT Maintenance or Outsourcing? Which Solution Is For My IT Services Company?

In exponential growth and constant questioning, IT in business is a key subject. Showing a white paw in this area is imperative. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the information systems and the security of the data of the company and its customers, several solutions exist. It starts with the maintenance and outsourcing of your IT equipment! 

The Help Desk: 1st Company IT Insurance

Even before talking about maintenance and outsourcing, there is a first level to ensure the operation of simple computer systems in business. To respond to software or hardware issues, the Help Desk is dedicated to remote assistance – by telephone contact, chat, or e-mail. Depending on the contract in place and the degree of difficulty of the action, this service may be required to refer to a more qualified service provider.

The Help Desk, therefore, lays a first milestone by plugging specific gaps without providing viable and lasting solutions. Its episodic and surface action cannot be included in deploying long-term IT infrastructure. In order to do this, it is necessary to guarantee the proper functioning of the equipment (hardware and software) used via ongoing maintenance and/or optimized outsourcing.

Maintenance: The Basis of a Good Computer System 

Like the foundation stone of a building, quality maintenance provides a solid foundation for the network. Its main objective? Allow the operational functioning of the computer park within the structure. Maintenance is an internal or external service essential to more complex computer systems. It ensures the free flow of information by resolving any malfunctions. As the first step in developing and deploying a computer network optimization strategy, maintenance responds to concrete needs by correcting failures.

Maintenance delivers a perfect curative action by intervening on an ad hoc basis and after the arrival of the problem. However, the costs generated by computer malfunctions in companies are still extremely high today. It is estimated that 100 hours, or two weeks of work, per year are lost due to equipment undergoing maintenance. But then, how to act in prevention to avoid them?

Outsourcing: The Solution for Better Anticipation

We often speak of gaining height or stepping back to accomplish a task or a mission optimally. Outsourcing is outsourcing part or all of a company’s IT infrastructure. This is a more “evolved” service than maintenance because it questions the exploitation of the current state, its securing, and its future development.

For VSEs and SMEs, this “tool” ensures the proper management of information systems and contributes to their organizational optimization. With the COVID crisis or the proliferation of cyberattacks, companies want to remain proactive and anticipate the various issues to come. 

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