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Security of Document Management Solutions: An Increasingly Important Issue

The development of telework has increased the threat of cyberattacks in companies, regardless of their size or sector. Therefore, EDM (Electronic Document Management) software, which includes sensitive data, must be protected.

What Are The Challenges Of Computer Security In Business?

A context favorable to attacks

The security of information systems in companies has become a major issue because cyber threats have increased in recent years. Skyrocket of remote work due to the pandemic, war in Ukraine, easy money made with hacking, etc.

Companies had to digitize very quickly to promote teleworking during the pandemic without taking the time to consider the potential impacts in terms of IT security.

Threats to business

Companies are not always aware of the cyber threats hanging over them. Cybersecurity is particularly neglected by VSEs (Very Small Enterprises) and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), which have other priorities on a daily basis.

However, three-quarters of the attacks are suffered by the latter. Almost 80% of companies die after six months after a cyber-attack. This is a little-known reality that is sometimes taken lightly. But when an attack occurs, there is amazement and panic.

How to Ensure the Security of Document Management Solutions?

The security of EDM (Electronic Document Management) solutions is part of a more global security policy for the company’s information systems.

Identify risks

The risks to data security can be of several types:

Raising employee awareness of computer security

The first thing to do in an organization to protect itself from threats is to teach its employees good practices in terms of computer security.

Some of the safety rules to follow include:

Protect Yourself By Choosing A Secure GED Solution.

A secure document management solution requires the following:

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