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Reconciling Hybrid Work and IT Security

IT Security

Hybrid working is spreading at an exponential rate within organizations. Teleworking has become more democratic, and third places dedicated to nomadic employees are springing up everywhere. Companies are faced with a double challenge: adapting the information system and its access while preserving the IT infrastructure from ever more virulent threats.

In addition to the preventive actions to be implemented on-site (on which we can also intervene), it is necessary to make remote employees aware of good computer security practices. Remember that the loss of data can have serious financial and legal consequences in addition to being potentially catastrophic in terms of image.

Here we will review the main gestures to adopt when working remotely.

Use a VPN

Start by filtering services that have access to data sources through a firewall and enforce the use of a VPN. The VPN connection makes it possible to secure exchanges between the company’s information system and workstations locally and remotely. Encryption guarantees the confidentiality of data exchanged regardless of the channel (including Wi-Fi).

Improve The Password Management Policy.

Authentication with a password pre-recorded in the device is to be avoided. Passwords must be complex enough to ward off a “brute force” attack that relies on trying thousands of computer-generated combinations. Ideally, a password should contain a dozen characters from a combination of lowercase, uppercase, special characters, and numbers.

As your passwords need to be unique to avoid any reuse in the event of a breach, using a secure password manager is essential! Similarly, double authentication will strengthen access security.

Respect The Updated Policy.

Security updates concern all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) and software. Their purpose is to lock the vulnerabilities to which they are exposed.

For this, it is necessary to respect some rules after having carried out the inventory of all the equipment:

Back-Up Data Regularly

If the advantages are numerous for the activities on the premises, they are all the more so in the context of hybrid work. Your company’s information is protected in the event of theft or loss of one of the remote computers, as well as in the event of hacking, bugs, or mishandling.

Equip Computers With Privacy Filters.

This device consists of a protective film placed on the computer screen. It has the effect of darkening it from a lateral angle of 30° degrees, shielding it from prying eyes. Suffice it to say that privacy filters are essential in coworking spaces or in any public place where nomadic workers have become accustomed.

Finally, separate personal and professional use. It seems obvious, but this is far from being a reality since the democratization of telework. Professional computers have burst into the home, and it is not uncommon for certain equipment to be “made available” to family members.

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