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The Challenges of an IT Disaster Recovery Plan


Computer security aims to protect the company’s information system and guarantees, among other things, the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data. Establishing a PRA is part of the IT security process by allowing the information system to be restarted when it is unavailable, regardless of the origin of its interruption. In other words, it ensures restarting of the company’s activity when its operation depends on the computer system.

Without wishing to be alarmist, it is good to remember that 82% of unprepared companies do not recover from a computer crash involving the total loss of data. As a preventive procedure, the IT disaster recovery plan is built well in advance of the occurrence of the incident.

Let’s take a look at the challenges of setting it up!

What is an IT Disaster Recovery Plan?

An IT activity recovery plan is a document describing the measures to be taken, step by step, to restart the operation of the information system in the event of a disaster (cyber-attack involving or not the theft of critical data, hardware failure, error human, fire, etc.) Its role is crucial because it contributes to minimizing the losses of productivity and related turnover.

The IT PRA is drawn up by the information system department (or an expert service provider in this field) in collaboration with the other departments. The PRA must adapt to the organization’s specific needs and environment. It considers, in particular, the nature of the data processed, the technologies used, and the business processes.


The main elements of the IT DRP are:

Why Is It Important To Have An IT Disaster Recovery Plan?

The disaster recovery plan makes it possible to minimize the risks linked to a computer breakdown and to reduce the time needed to restore the systems. A good DRP requires considering all aspects of the business, including internal processes, data, and software solutions. It should also be updated and tested regularly to ensure that it works properly.

As seen previously, data backup is one of the essential components. These should be backed up regularly and stored in a safe place, such as a data center or a safe, and they will be restored from backup copies.

The DRP also provides measures to limit the risks of incidents upstream by implementing adequate security policies and procedures, training staff in good practices, and setting up systems for monitoring and detecting anomalies.

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