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Online Backup: The Best Solution for Your Business Documents


More companies are abandoning local backup and turning to online backup to back up their data. This backup strategy is indeed much more practical and reassuring. It allows them to keep and protect their computer data in a single remote and secure space via an Internet connection. All users can then access the saved information from any device and easily share it.

Cloud backup is currently recognized as the best backup solution for critical business data. And this is because of its multiple advantages that we will present below.

A High-Quality Solution with Online Backup

The traditional backup, the use of internal or external hard drives and USB keys, is not always safe from an unfortunate accident. These physical data storage devices are highly exposed to computer viruses, electronic failures, or disasters (fire or flood). This can lead to the loss of the data they contain. Under these conditions, restorations of lost data can be very expensive, if possible. With a remote backup strategy, things are different.

One of the greatest benefits of online file backup is the ability for disaster recovery. Thus, you are guaranteed to see your company files intact even in the event of an incident. The Cloud is also equipped with a data encryption feature during their transfer and storage in your host’s data center. This encryption consists of converting all readable information into incomprehensible cipher texts. Thus, a third party cannot read all the data that passes between the company’s workstations and the servers’ external files. Only the holder of the decryption key can access the transferred information.


A Simple and Practical Solution with Online Backup

Online data backup is simple to use and easy to access. It has an intuitive and user-friendly web interface. Thanks to an ultra-comprehensive range of features, your teams gain in productivity.

Cloud backup also allows you to access your backed-up data from any device, anywhere, anytime. As long as you have Internet access, you must log in to your Cloud account to view your files. No need to carry an SD card, a USB key, or an external hard drive everywhere you go. Whether at home, in the office, or even on the road to your client, you benefit from quick and easy access to your stored data.

Backing up information online allows you to share your files easier and faster. It is very convenient for remote work since each user can access the data he needs wherever he is. Import your documents into the online backup server, edit them to save time, and strengthen teamwork. Your collaborators can then exchange the modified files in a few minutes.

Outsourced backup has an automatic backup feature at regular intervals or real-time synchronization for ease of use. Just define a computer’s key folders, which will be backed up online at the desired time (daily backup or weekly backup) or each modification.

A Solution Accessible To All with Online Backup

Making a cloud backup meets all needs. This backup policy is suitable for companies of all sectors and sizes. In addition, it allows you to save all types of data essential to your activity:

With online backup solutions, businesses can save money. No need to invest in a NAS, external disks, or CDs, which have a limited capacity and lifespan. Your cloud service provider takes care of infrastructure maintenance and updating operations. You pay only for the storage space you use, representing a considerable reduction in your operating budget. In addition, the storage capacity is infinitely expandable according to your needs.

A Large Capacity Solution with Online Backup

The digitization of companies and the rise of new technologies exponentially increase the size of the data to be backed up. The quality of multimedia content, such as photos and videos, is constantly improving, and applications are integrating more innovative features. It then became difficult for structures to save all their data on traditional disk space, such as a hard disk or a USB key.

Back up your data online means opting for a larger storage capacity. Flexible, you can extend it according to the volume of your backups. This online storage space can also be used for archiving documents you no longer use daily. You can thus free up space in your cupboards and your information system.


Any business can experience critical data loss, so organizations need to set up a robust, efficient, and secure backup. Online backup is now the most appropriate method for VSEs, SMEs, and large groups. It offers many significant advantages compared to local backup: quality, simplicity, practicality, economical solution, and large storage capacity. Many service providers are now available on the market, offering a Cloud in a free or paid version. It’s up to you to find the solution that best suits your needs!

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