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6 Benefits of Managed Backup

Managed backup is the purchase of data backup and recovery services from a managed IT services provider. Cloud hosting covers the entire backup process for your business. Managed backup replaces the traditional method of backing up data using a centralized onsite IT department. In most cases, data backup management is a stressful and tedious function for a business. IT budgets are also not keeping up with the rising cost of supporting massive storage facilities.

Businesses reduce the risk of data loss and lower their IT costs. They don’t need to invest in expensive infrastructure and staff while meeting the retention requirement. The managed services provider is responsible for maintaining the backup equipment and application software and managing the backup process.

6 Key Benefits of Managed Backup

Companies today face several challenges in complying with security standards. Companies, therefore, need a new approach to protecting their data. The solution is to adopt an outsourced backup and data protection model. We have summarized six main benefits of outsourced cloud backup as a service:

  1. The reduced total cost of ownership: There is no need to purchase or install expensive hardware, as the backup and recovery platform is vendor-managed.
  2. Improved data recovery speed: A cloud backup and recovery solution instantly restores data regardless of your location. The restore includes individual files. By working with a managed service provider, you can select your RTOs and RPOs to best meet your business needs.
  3. More secure file transfer method: Unencrypted on-premises data backup and recovery systems are not secure. In a cloud backup solution, files are encrypted before they are transmitted to a cloud server and remain encrypted until they reach their destination. The only decryption key resides with the client.
  4. Better use of IT resources: Redirect your IT resources to more strategic initiatives within your organization. Cloud backup’s built-in scalability can accommodate the growth or evolution of your data environment.
  5. Stronger compliance guarantees: A managed service provider uses multiple geographically diverse data centers, giving you a more reliable backup solution. Managed backup offers more reliability and redundancy than tape backup.
  6. Eliminate tape storage: Tape backups are vulnerable. Recovering data from a tape system can be a difficult and slow process.

By migrating to a managed service, your business can free up IT resources, reduce expenses, and simplify the process of protecting its critical data. Choosing a managed service provider for your business means a team of experts will take care of your data for a small investment. 

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