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Comprehensive Data Backup Solutions in Birmingham, AL

Ensure your company’s data is backed up and secure by turning to the services offered by TURN-KEY SOLUTIONS, INC. (TKS) We offer a number of data backup solutions in Birmingham, AL, to provide regular backup of your company’s most critical and valuable data. By backing up your data, you can be sure that you will be able to recover your data in the event of a system crash or other issue. To learn more about our backup services and start planning your company’s data protection strategy, reach out to our office.

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Document Management Services

In addition to providing backup solutions, our company also offers a number of document management services. Through our system, InfinityFile, we can assist you with managing your company’s documents while helping you achieve a paperless filing system. This makes finding documents much simpler and helps eliminate the need for physical file storage.

Other IT Solutions

At our company, we are happy to offer a number of other IT services. These include:

Help Desk Support

Server Design, Virtualization, and Installation

Product Sales

Hosted Exchange and Office Software Setups

Reach out to us for all your IT and data backup needs.