Things you need to ask to a Cloud Data Storage Provider before hiring one

The cloud backup solution is one of the latest technological advancements that are here to stay to make life simpler for one and all. So, do you know what cloud backup is? Well, cloud backup is basically a technique with which important data can be protected from getting lost or misplaced. With cloud backup, you can store all your important data on the cloud and be rest assured with its security. All business houses are counting on cloud data storage for safeguarding their data, which is their asset and in no way can its security be compromised. So, picking a reliable cloud storage provider is essential for the future of your business. There are many cloud storage providers, but the main thing is to choose the best out of the lot. In doing so, you need to keep certain things in mind that will help you to narrow down on one of the service providers.
Ask for a free trial offer – The main purpose of asking for a free trial is to assess the service provided by the cloud storage provider. The trial period is generally of 15-30 days and that gives you enough time to evaluate the service.
Check The Security Protocols – As all the important files will be saved on the internet it’s essential to be sure of its security. After all, it’s a matter of your asset. So, leave no stones unturned and enquire with questions regarding the access and security of the cloud service.
Know the location of the data centre –The data centre should be situated at a fair distance from your facility to work against natural disasters. It’s always advisable to locate a service that’s at a safe distance from the business.
Fee structure – The cloud service providers have a tendency to include additional charges to the main package. So, get a proper brief and understand the fee structure well.
We offer our clients with real monitored backup solutions. Yes it’s true, a real person checking your backup five days per week. We keep a daily log documenting your backup status and when problems arise we automatically assign a service ticket and a technician will resolve the problem immediately whether on-site or remotely. Most business owners do not know that backup systems give a lot of problems and need a lot of attention and if not done competently they are at great risk.
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