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Backup Solutions for Computers and Servers that are constantly monitored

Computer and Network backup services are absolutely a must in today’s business environment. We at Turn-key Solutions work with clients on a daily basis to emphasize the critical nature of backing up your system on a regular basis.


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Outstanding Business Support and Customer Service

The advent of Information Technology has changed everything. Not many years ago everything was done by hands but now this is not the case. Businesses have started depending too much on the computers.

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"We have used TKS for many years, best of all we have had great service and support and we are 6 hours away from TKS. They handle all our IT needs..."
Dixie Messer Mirrors, Inc.Greer, South Carolina
"One of the largest dental offices in Alabama. We have worked with TKS for 18+ years, very reliable and knowledgeable in the IT industry."
Birmingham DentalBirmingham Alabama
"We have worked with John Thomas at TKS for over 20 years: Server Backup – My staff came in one day and the server was down and had some burned wires..."
Dr. James L. Sanderson, Jr.Hoover, Alabama
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