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Why come and work for us?

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Benefits and perks

Flexible Schedule

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New Apple Computer

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Paid Holidays and Travel Expenses

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Open Cafeteria

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Competitive Salary

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Team Building Camps

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"We have used TKS for many years, best of all we have had great service and support and we are 6 hours away from TKS. They handle all our IT needs..."
Dixie Messer Mirrors, Inc.Greer, South Carolina
"One of the largest dental offices in Alabama. We have worked with TKS for 18+ years, very reliable and knowledgeable in the IT industry."
Birmingham DentalBirmingham Alabama
"We have worked with John Thomas at TKS for over 20 years: Server Backup – My staff came in one day and the server was down and had some burned wires..."
Dr. James L. Sanderson, Jr.Hoover, Alabama

Work With Us

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Very Important Considerations

It is very important that your Document Management system be networkable so that all users that you want to use the system, can use the system at the same time. [InfinityFile has you covered] It is very important that the system be fast, even after several million pages are scanned into the system. No one wants to wait a long time to find information. [InfinityFile has you covered] The system database Does Not need to be Proprietary, otherwise you will run into big problems down the road as the size and amount of data grows. If the database is not a good one: corruption, lost data and even hidden charges can be applied if the owner of the database company has stipulations in their fine print, stating that you have to pay more beyond a certain database size. [InfinityFile has you covered]

Terms often used to refer to Document Management / Paperless office/ Scan systems / Document Management / Document Scanning / Document Solutions / Document Solution / Paperless Office Software / Scan Systems / Efiling Cabinet / E-filing Cabinet

Document Management buzz words, commonly discussed

Many people confuse the meaning of document management systems because there are so many different words and expressions used to mean the same thing. A document management system is basically a system that enables companies and individuals using their computer and scanner(s) to scan or import information into the system, then easily categorize the data and later be able to find the information in about 20 seconds.

With InfinityFile data is categorized and added into a SQL database which grows very slowly and is very efficient in finding any and all relevant information being searched. The typical format of the data being scanned is a .pdf but our system is flexible and allows many more formats such as: Microsoft word documents, Microsoft Excel documents, WordPerfect documents, WordPad documents, Notepad documents, even plain .txt file.

Benefits of the system

Flexibility, InfinityFile adapts to the way you do business, you don’t have to change your business to meet the needs of the software; most document management systems require that you change your business practices to meet the needs of the software. Additionally, the system is updated via automatic update (very similar to the way Microsoft Windows is updated) to push out any bug fixes additional functionality and new releases. The system can be installed on your existing server, or on a dedicated separate server.

Price: The InfinityFile system price is incredibly low compared to all other document management systems and we can provide a total solution including hardware software installation and training what a sweet deal….

Support: : The InfinityFile system is fully supported by the professionals at TKS as well as backed up with our monitored backup solutions. Call today 205-444-0000

Listed below are a few of the industry’s currently using InfinityFile:

Automotive Dealership
Dentist offices
Oral surgeons
Medical doctors
Attorneys / Lawyers
International Paper Company
Home users
Transportation companies
Reality companies

Our Office

Donec ullamcorper nulla non metus auctor fringilla. Aenean eu leo quam. Pellentesque ornare sem lacinia quam venenatis vestibulum.

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Donec ullamcorper nulla non metus auctor fringilla. Aenean eu leo quam.