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Why Back Up Your Data Right Away?

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There are several kinds of backups in real life, which are designed to get us out of various critical situations: the spare wheel in the trunk or the extra pegs in a tent, for example.

Backups are useful in different ways: if the extra sardine does not change your life, a backup of your company data, on the other hand, could well save it.

Now let’s see why; if you haven’t already done so, you should immediately implement a backup policy for your data.

“Sorry, Boss, My Finger Slipped.”

Do you know the saying that “in computing, the problem is often between the chair and the keyboard “?

People are not infallible. Emails containing viruses are accidentally opened every day. Not to mention important files that can be accidentally deleted.

You’d probably sleep better knowing that an image of your disks is waiting to be called upon to restore your data to a point before the dumpling.

Do, Then, Redo.

How nice to get it right the first time and never have to go back after the job is done, isn’t it? If you experience some kind of “sorry boss, my finger slipped “type failure, and you don’t have backups, you may be able to recover some bits of your work, but which ones and, more importantly, where did the rest go?

In almost every case, whether it’s putting systems back together or recreating spreadsheets that you or your employees have been working on for months, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves.

In some of the most severe cases, if you suffer a major data loss, you may well end up redoing everything you’ve already done over several years – it’s a situation that few companies survive.

Multiplication of Terminals

As the use of laptops, smartphones, and tablets continues to grow, so does the amount of data created and stored in these devices.

We can also mention, of course, the advent of the Internet of Things worldwide, which leads to an increase in the volume of data on terminals.

Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and all other connected objects are all data contained in things that can be lost at any time and which must therefore be backed up. So even if those devices are lost, your data is safe somewhere else, like the cloud, of course.

Hello, Reputation!

While financial losses can be calculated, it is difficult to quantify the true consequences of data loss. The loss of reputation (and productivity) is often catastrophic.

Indeed, we understand them consumers are turning away from brands that have been exposed to this kind of problem. Damage to the reputation of companies that do not protect their personal data can result in a sudden loss of business.

The icing on the cake is that you might even be worried about a lawsuit from consumers or authorities concerned with computer data.

Audits, Taxes

All businesses are required to keep their business records for a variable but significant period (often several years). This is due either to tax reasons or to various regulations of the relevant industry. The tax authorities or the regulatory commissions do not care that you have had a computer problem. You will not escape a fine for being careless with your data.

A final example: what if you decide to conduct an audit of your company based on data from several years?

It’s easy to assume that your PC (or PCs) contains the information you’ve gathered over the years, but as you know by now, having just one copy of your documents in one place is a huge mistake. By ensuring you have an external backup of critical information about your customers, your employees, your suppliers, and your business, you can really save yourself if something goes wrong. A fire happened so quickly.

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