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Why Are Antiviruses No Longer Sufficient?

Antiviruses are of great use to prevent virus attacks and for your company’s IT security, but in the face of the constant increase in sophisticated cyberattacks and the difficulty of detecting them, a traditional approach to cybersecurity, such as l antivirus, is no longer sufficient.

Next-generation solutions complementary to antivirus that rely on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms are needed to deal with advanced threats that go beyond malware.

What Is Antivirus Software?

Today and for many years, the use of antivirus is strongly recommended in order to secure your computer system and protect your data.

An antivirus is a solution designed to protect you against malicious programs such as viruses, which can be based on the exploitation of security vulnerabilities.

Antivirus is not a 100% effective protection, but it is, above all, present to provide you with additional security, and its effectiveness is closely linked to frequent updates of the database of new viruses.

Why Is Antivirus Software Not Enough?

The antivirus solution is the last bastion of the system to prevent attacks. If it is still of real use, the limits of antivirus are more and more felt.

Unfortunately, classic antiviruses alone are no longer sufficient in the face of increasingly sophisticated threats, and security software publishers are finding it increasingly difficult to detect all attacks, particularly the most recent ones.



EDR Is the Complementary Security Tool of the Antivirus

Hackers are always one step ahead of security solution providers, who must evolve their offerings to deal with these new daily threats.

Moreover, these threats are no longer limited to viruses or malware but to increasingly dangerous ransomware attacks.

In this context, traditional antiviruses need an additional tool to block known and unknown threats (zero-days), namely the EDR solution and preferably in the form of a service managed by security experts.

EDR is an intelligent solution that performs behavioral analysis; it is a tool that relies on Artificial Intelligence algorithms allowing real-time protection and detection of many modern threats that antivirus software ignores.

This solution was invented in 2013 by Anton Chuvakin.

EDR offers many features that enable superior detection of threats that are not available in traditional antivirus solution

The Main Features

In Conclusion

The antivirus always remains an essential component for the protection of the IS. But it is essential to be aware that the antivirus solution alone cannot ensure the security of workstations and servers and that a new generation complementary solution such as EDR is essential for advanced threat detection.  

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