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The Role of Infrastructure in the IT Security System of Companies


Any business leader seeking to optimize his IT infrastructure (IS), whether he is seeking to develop it or minimize the costs generated by them, must consider security. The IT infrastructure is both the major work tool for your employees and a barrier to reducing security risks when it is correctly configured, particularly in terms of data protection. The role of the infrastructure in the IT security system of companies is, therefore, at the heart of the system. 

The Basics of a Successful Computer Security System

No company can do without IT tools: Internet connection, word processing software, website, and email. The dematerialization of documents is inherent to any activity.

New solutions allowing you to increase your employees’ mobility and share documents have also appeared and induced an appreciable gain in productivity.

As the company’s nerve center, the Information System must be infallible in terms of performance and protection of sensitive information. Security must be thought of both globally, at the level of the infrastructure, and locally, at the level of each workstation – including mobile.

An Information System under Control

Several technical solutions make it possible to secure each component of the infrastructure.

Network monitoring or monitoring tools detect any anomaly in a server or the network in real-time. Their alert system makes it possible to react quickly before the first damage appears.

There are three types of intrusion detection tools:

HIDS is particularly effective in determining if a host is contaminated, and NIDS allows monitoring of an entire network, unlike HIDS, which is restricted to one host.

Secure All Endpoints

The increasingly frequent use of mobility and cloud computing requires an adjustment of the IT security system strategy.

The IT infrastructure is no longer unified but more often fragmented and dispatched between different terminals. In this context, firewalls, anti-virus software, and Internet filtering tools are not options. On the contrary, they must be installed on all workstations and personal mobile devices used for professional purposes.

Remember that the involvement and awareness of your staff is essential. Best practices consist of using complex passwords that are regularly updated, thwarting the threats of social engineering (phishing), and not postponing the updates of applications and software dedicated to security.

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