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Network Security Update for New Workspaces

Teleworking, coworking, short-term office rental, or even close working (from a vacant office in a company close to home): the health crisis has introduced new ways of working. But who says open spaces also says: scattered data, weakened networks, decompartmentalized computer systems, and issues related to security.

Whether you are a workstation rental service provider, lessor, or user company, companies know that many solutions exist to best secure your workspaces.

Office Rental Company: Offer Companies Quality Security!

With the proliferation of structures offering services such as renting offices, meeting rooms, or even coworking spaces, offering reliable solutions can allow you to get out of the game. Indeed, security is one of the great items of recent years. Cloud, data, shared files, connection: dematerialization is good when you know how to manage it. With answers centered around EDM or even optimized security solutions, security companies offer you the possibility of showing your credentials to your customers.

In addition, the secure network argument offers the benefit of affixing a professional label to your services. Regardless of the type of client – ​​from the consultant operating alone to the company looking for a surface equipped with offices for its employees -you benefit from a brand image reinforced by expertise in security.

Company: Rent Your Workspaces Left Vacant By Your Employees!

Another mode of operation emerges. For various reasons, more and more companies owning their premises are opening their workspaces to other companies. The solution is profitable by allowing each party to recover its costs, and all the more so when we know that the system can go as far as pooling the structure and the equipment.

This collaborative idea opens a new path in the current offer of new workspaces. However, to “coexist” peacefully, an inventory of network security is strongly recommended.

Tenant Company: Set Up Your Employees Remotely!

Outsourced rental or coworking, you need to ensure that your computers can integrate these new workspaces safely. To do this, an in-depth study of the state of the host network and the ancillary services may prove necessary. You will also have a role to play in providing and applying solutions to strengthen the security of the equipment you have provided to your employees.

Freelance, Independent: Demand The Best For Your Project!

Consultant, freelancer? For you, too, using these new professional workspaces must be synonymous with security, whether through an office rental company or an existing company that wishes to rent certain areas. Although you are spoiled for choice, it must be based on the services’ quality. The most important is safety!

Indeed, no one would like to know their information, customer file, cloud, passwords, accounts, virtual space, or computers with free access. Does this simple evocation worry you? U.S. too! So to avoid cold sweats, opt for a trusted partner and an installation of relevant software to secure your workstation and protect your data!

In Any Case, Think About Data Privacy!

Among all these scenarios, there is only one reality: offering everyone enhanced confidentiality of their data. Whatever your sector, your profession, and your structure, the only obligation in the current context is to consolidate the security of your computer network. Immediate implementation is also necessary if your expectations contradict the existing systems.

Rest assured, most of the time, a simple update can overcome many difficulties. But for that, you need to find the perfect traveling companion.

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